About Going Limbo

The story Behind the company

Where it all began.

Back in 2015, I wasn’t happy with the way I was living my life. All-day, I was looking out of the window dreaming about riding my motorcycle. Then, I set myself a goal. Within five years I’m going to ride around the world! I saved up enough money to buy a real off-road travel motorcycle. I bought the KTM 690 Enduro R in 2016 and I started to learn how to ride off-road.

That winter, I spent many days planning my first big motorcycle adventure. I dreamt of days of off-roading, riding in the mountains, and only reaching civilization for fuel and food. In the summer of 2017, it was time to finally ride the prepared route.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I haven’t found those never-ending off-road sections and most of the time they were prohibited for motorized traffic. After a long 4 weeks of riding, I returned home with a question: where are all those off-road tracks in Europe. It’s here where I found the inspiration for Going Limbo and the mission for the Adventurising Europe Project!

A year later I left home again, but now with a goal. I want to document Europe through the eyes of an adventure rider. Exploring unpaved roads and discovering the most beautiful places in Europe. In doing so, I hope to inspire other adventure riders. I want to help them to experience Europe in the way I did.

That’s why I created the GLR Network. It’s an adventure route network where adventure riders can select and combine different GLRs, to create their adventure route. It provides riders with the right resources so that they can enjoy Europe to the fullest.

The first steps have been taken, now it’s time for the giant leap. In expanding the GLR Network, I want to Adventurise Europe for every motorcycle rider. I cannot do this alone! I need Adventurisers to ride out on their adventures, enjoying the GLRs and spreading the word. Consider becoming an Adventuriser yourself and help me to achieve these goals!


The Adventurising Europe Project

The Adventurising Europe project is all about documenting Europe through the eyes of adventure riders. Do you want to contribute to this mission? Become an Adventuriser! Read more about the project and contributions.

The GLR Network

The GLR-Network is the motorcycle adventure route network for the bigger cc motorcycles out there! Specially designed to the capabilities of you and your bike. No single trail or steep hill climbs. A fun combination between the best-paved roads and most scenic off-road tracks. Combine each individual GLR to create your personal adventure route due to its modular design.

The Adventurising Course

Learn from my experiences while Adventurising Europe. Read all about the gear I like to use. How to maintain your motorcycle and how to prepare yourself for your next trip!

“Showing you Europe in the Adventurising Europe style”

Bas Leenders

Chief Content Officer, Going Limbo

Explore. Ride. Adventurise.

The Adventurising Europe Project

Constact Us

We wouldn’t be Going Limbo if we weren’t constantly Adverturising Europe. After all, we are pleased to call Europe our office. Nonetheless, our headquarters are located in the Netherlands. You can contact us the fasted via the email link below.

Going Limbo is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the number 71613447. The corresponding Dutch VAT number: NL002317324B30