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The Adventurising Europe Project

The Adventurising Europe project is all about documenting Europe through the eyes of adventure riders. I provide you with the best motorcycle adventure routes with the GLR Network. Follow me on my adventures while creating each individual GLR in the Build Stories. Learn from my mistakes and insights so you have the best time on your own adventure!

Supporting makes a difference!

I provide the GLRs for free! Creating them is far from free. In general, every kilometer produced costs me €6. Fuel is not the only cost. Think about tires, spare parts, gear, camping accommodations, development costs, electronics, and TIME. On average each individual GLR takes me about 250 hours before it is released online.

With your support as a Patreon, I’ll be able to:

  • CONTINUE to explore and develop the GLR network;
  • PROVIDE the GLRs for free in the future;
  • COVER costs for an increasingly better experience;
  • GIVE back to the entire motorcycle adventure community.

Why me?

I’ve ridden over 45.000 km in the name of the Adventurising Europe project. Over 50 GLRs are already available or in the making. I’ve dedicated all my time and energy to make Europe a better place for adventure motorcyclist and I’m not stopping! If that’s not enough, I invite you to take a look at the content I’ve produced on the Going Limbo website. I bet you’ll find something that will convince you why I’m worth your support.

Support the Adventurising Europe project

As a Patron, you gain access to the latest 5 GLRs before Everyone else! That’s at least 2,5 months! Besides that, you support 1 kilometer of that GLR. You enable me to continue the Adventurising Europe project and keep the GLR Network free. Please consider becoming a Patron if you think I provide any value to you.

€5,99 /per GLR FOR GET AHEAD

Benefit as a Patron!

Get Premium Access!

As a Patron you receive access to the newest 5 GLRs from the GLR Network, before everyone else! Download the .gpx files and get a step ahead in your adventure planning!

Back-up Tracks for Free!

As a Patron you also are able to download the Back-up Tracks for free! These tracks help you especially when the conventional off-road routes from the GLR Network are not accessible.

Get Involved!

Your opinion matters the most! As a matter of fact, you support the Adventurising Europe project, so you have a saying. I’m curious about your opinion on the direction the project is going. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to pay when there’s no new GLR?

No, you only support the Adventurising Europe project when a new GLR gets published. You’re the first to get access to this new route! I’m shooting at publishing every two weeks a new GLR. No new GLR means no money taken. It’s that easy.

Can I choose which GLR I support?

As a patreon you’re the first one who’s able to view and download the newly published GLRs. As a thank you for your ongoing support, you get access to the 5 newest routes before everyone else. It’s not possible to choose which individual GLR you support as a Patron. If you wish to do so, check out other options here.

Can I stop my subscription when I want to?

Yes, anytime! Of course, I’m sad to see you go. Please contact me if there’s anything I can do to keep you satisfied with your subscription!

How do I get access to the newest GLRs?

That’s easy! You log in with your Patreon account and go to the GLR overview. You’ll see the five routes in the Patreon section. Click here to go there!