Lalouvesc - Barjac 195km
38km off-road April / October

Quick GLR 27 overview

The GLR 27 motorcycle adventure route leads you for over 195 kilometers through the Ardèche region of Southern-France. 38 of those kilometers will traverse over off-road sections. If the going gets tough, The Back-up Tracks will support you with 9 different sections. With a total of 5 connecting GLRs to this GLR 27, you’re able to continue to Adventurise the region. Let’s get going!

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GLR 27 Route info

Ever wondered what the interior of Southern France looks like? The GLR 27 gives you the right impression of the Mediterranean landscape, but also the richness of the ardèche region. This addition to the GLR Network explores the Department of Ardèche from Lalouvesc in the north, to Barjac on the southern border.

Just after your departure in Lalouvesc, you hit the dirt. This almost 5-kilometer long off-road section gives you a good impression of what lies ahead. Dusty off-road sections are followed up with somewhat longer on-road sections.

The Ardèche Department knows stricter off-road riding legislation and therefore for this GLR also less off-road sections. Despite the 35 kilometers of off-road sections, this adventure route guides you through one amazing region worth exploring!

While making your way down south, the route joins the GLR 4 the last 45 kilometers to end up at your destination in Barjac. If you’re continuing your adventure on the GLR 4, please keep this in mind while browsing the connections sections down below!


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GLR 27 Region

With the GLR 27 you’re exploring the interior of Southern France. You’ll adventurise the departments of Ardèche from North to South. Don’t wait and read all about this department down below!


The Vivarais, as the Ardèche is locally called, is named after the Ardèche river. The department is part of the larger Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The area has been inhabited at least since the Upper Paleolithic and is famous for its cave paintings. The Ardèche department didn’t develop major cities due to the lack of industrialization in the 19th century. The industry moved further upstream to bigger cities such as Lyon. Nowadays this is still a cause of the inaccessibility of the region.  The region doesn’t know any high-speed transportation methods. Ardèche at its widest does not exceed a width of 75 kilometers. Therefore, because of its elongated shape, it knows many natural regions. From the mountains in the west to the plateau of the Coirons in the south-east. One remarkable feature is the Valley of the Rhône, a straight corridor running from the south, up to the north. Creating a funnel-like effect, exaggerating the effects of the cold wind from the north. Also known as the Mistral.  The region is also known for its other weather phenomena such as la Burle, which are very violent winds during autumn and winter. September and October are known for its rainfall.
GLR 27 Region Small Overview
GLR 27 Region Ardèche Map Overview

Adventurising isn’t only about getting as fast from A to B! A Region has so much more to offer! That’s why I give you some suggestions about things to do while Adventurising the GLR 27.

Pont d’Arc

The Pont d’Arc is a large natural bridge, located 5 km from the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc. The arch is 59 meters wide and 34 m high at the top of the opening. The perfect spot to have a little rest during the day! more info

Château de Crussol

There’s not much left of the 12th-century castle, but it gives you the right impression of how adventurous this region was almost a thousand years ago! You’ll see the ruin from quite far, as it’s located right at a 200 meters high cliff.
more info

Ravin de Corbœf

Visit this 500 meters long Canyon on your day off! Explore the local geography or the museum nearby.
more info

Massif du Mézenc

This remnant of a volcano sticks out in its surroundings. The highest point reaches 1753 meters above sea level. A perfect place to visit for a day of hiking!
more info

GLR 27 TNTM Overview

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Continue your GLR 27 Adventure by connecting different GLRs. To make your life even simpler, I’ve put together all the options down below!

Connections in Lalouvesc

You’ve ended up in Lalouvesc where you can continue your motorcycle adventure in two directions. If you’re looking for the fastest route to the High Alps, choose the GLR 28. This 428-kilometer long route is designed to guide you via the best views to higher altitudes. Although most of the route traverses over on-road, the GLR 28 knows 30 kilometers of off-road sections.

To the west, the GLR 26 guides you towards the Aubrac region. This 357-kilometer route knows over 100km of off-road sections and most definitely worth the exploration if you love the interior of Mediterranean France.

GLR 27 Connections Lalouvesc Overview
GLR 27 Connections Barjac Overview

Connections in Barjac

In Barjac you have the opportunity to continue your motorcycle adventure in three different directions. At first, the GLR 4 joins the last 45 kilometers with the GLR 27. Therefore I would recommend continuing on the GLR 4 if you want to head towards the east. The GLR 4 guides you for over 201 kilometers and gives you a nice preview of the higher Alps!

If you’re heading for the Mediterranean beach, take the GLR 2! This 140km long adventure route is a tough one with its 40 kilometers of sandy off-road sections! This GLR combined with the GLR 3 allows you to dip your toes into the sea in about two days of riding!

At last, you’re able to continue your adventure on the GLR 1. This adventure route knows 61 kilometers of off-road sections with a high interval rate between on- and off-road sections. This is the perfect GLR to continue your journey if you want to explore the hills of the Lozère department!



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GLR 27 Back-up Route Overview

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