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The GLR 35 motorcycle adventure route through the Livigno valley! With 161 kilometers of amazing mountain passes through the Alps of Northern Italy. Don’t wait and adventurise this GLR!

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The GLR 35 “Livigno Valley Route”

Dezzo di Scalve - Tunnel Munt La Schera 161km
0km off-road May / September

The GLR 35 motorcycle adventure route leads you for over 161 kilometers through the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. With a total of 4 connecting GLRs to this GLR 35, you’re able to continue to Adventurise the region. Let’s get going!

The GLR 35 is a novice route and can be ridden by any adventure rider. More information about the GLR Route Gradings System.

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Route info

Just north of Lake D’iseo, in a small village called Dezzo di Scalve, the GLR 35 departs on an adventurous route to the tax-free haven of the Livigno Valley. But as with all GLRs, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the road you take to reach your destination.

From your departure at Dezzo di Scalve, you follow the SP60 towards Schilpario. This mountain pass gives you a generous view of the Bergamo Pre-Alps. With Mount Camino to your right up to Schilpario, you know you’re heading in the right direction.

Your route continues on the SP294. This narrow mountain pass with 17 180° turns on the incline leads you over the mountain range towards the village of Malonno. The mountain pass fiesta has just begun because just after Malonno you continue on the Passo di Fletta. This pass consists of the famous Via Loritto and Via Gennaro Sora roads.

Back in the valley near Edolo, you follow the SS42 shortly in the directions of Monno. It’s here where you head deep into the mountains with the SP81. This provincial road will lead you to the village of Vernuga. 

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After Vernuga, you follow the valley up north. It’s here where the ski-resorts start to appear on the mountain slopes. You’re now in High Alpine territory. When you come across the ss301 in Bormio, your directions turn east. It’s this road that leads you to the tax-free state of the Livigno Valley. Make sure you fuel up here because you won’t come across any fuel station anymore before Switzerland!

The last stretch of the GLR 35 will guide you past the reservoir lakes of Livigno. Following the Via Della Val, you arrive at your destination of Tunnel Munt la Schera. Make sure you arrive within the opening hours of the Tunnel! You need to pay a small fee to cross into Switzerland, where you can continue your adventure on two other GLRs.

Lombardy Region

GLR 35 Region Lombardy

Lombardy is one of the twenty regions of Italy. Located in the northwest of the country, it almost counts 10 million inhabitants. Making it Italy’s most populated region. Combined with an on average high GDP, Lombardy is the most populated, richest, and most productive region.

Besides this modern wealth, Lombardy knows a rich historical past as well. The region was called home by two different popes, and it knows the most UNESCO World Heritage sites of the world. But where the real Adventurisers come for is Lombardy’s natural beauty.

The region can be divided into three main natural zones namely the mountains, hills, and plains. All with its distinctive features to please all of your adventure riding needs. In the north, you find the High Alpine region with a predominant Alpine climate above 1500m. More to the south, the lower alps gradually fade away into the plains surrounding Milan.

Lombardy is dotted with numerous lakes. Predominantly in the north, you find most lakes with a glacial origin. Major lakes from east to west are Lake Garda, Lake Idro, Lake Iseo, Lake Como, Lake Lugano, and Lake Maggiore.

For Adventurisers, Lombardy is a beautiful region to explore, but it knows relatively high precipitation in summer. Thunderstorms appear out of nowhere, and hailstorms are a common phenomenon around the major lakes. Please keep an eye out for the weather while in the area!

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Connecting Routes

GLR 35 Connections Dezzo di Scalve

Connections in Dezzo di Scalve

In the Bergamo Pre-Alps near Dezzo di Scalve, you’re able to continue your adventure with two different GLRs. One heading towards the east, the other to the west.

The GLR 36 heads 341km to the west. This adventure route explores the great lakes of Lake D’Iseo, Lake Como, Lake di Lugano, and Lake Maggiore. You end your journey in Gravellona Toce.

Or you head eastwards from Dezzo di Scalve with the GLR 37. This 421-kilometer long adventure route takes you past Lake Garda and the Pre-Alps to the north of this lake. You end your journey in Arsiè. Be aware that during the hot summer months, the northern routes of GLR 34 and GLR 38  are the more comfortable route due to their elevation.

Connections at Tunnel Munt La Schera

Right after you’re out of Tunnel Munt la Schera, you find yourself at a T-junction. To the right the GLR 38 and the GLR 34 to the left. 

The GLR 34 guides you for over 350-kilometers to the west. Take this adventure route during the hot summer months. Due to its average high elevation, this is the cooler option of the GLR 36.

Or chose the GLR 38 to the east. This adventure route explores the Italian Dolomites and the Texelgruppe Nature Park. Again, this is a cooler option during the hot summer months. You end your adventure in Canazei.

GLR 35 Connections Tunnel Munt la Schera

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