Alquezar - Jaca 182km
38.5km off-road April / October

Quick GLR 24 overview

The GLR 24 motorcycle adventure route leads you for over 182 kilometers through the Aragon region of Northern-Spain. 39 of those kilometers will traverse over off-road sections. If the going gets tough, The Back-up Tracks will support you with 3 different sections. With a total of 4 connecting GLRs to this GLR 24, you’re able to continue to Adventurise the region. Let’s get going!

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GLR 24 Route info

You start your GLR 24 motorcycle journey in Alquezar, about 48 kilometers east from the province’s capital Huesca. This beautiful village is situated on a 660m high hill in the southern tip of the Sierra de Guara natural park. The park is known for its rolling hills and mountains in the north. The altitude varies from semi-arid hills at 430m to the Pyrenees mountain range at 2077m. From your departure in Alquezar, the route crosses right through Sierra de Guara and follows the outer limits to the west. It is in the northernmost part of the park where you encounter your first section of off-road. After a long, but oh so beautiful journey through the natural park, you head north at la Peña. Take a break to appreciate the color water in the town’s reservoir. You’re going to need that break because almost all the off-road sections of the GLR 24 are located here! You follow the track first back east and then up north. The semi-arid landscape is mesmerizing and harsh at the same time. Depending on the season, the heat is raining down on you even in the morning. So be prepared for a siesta at midday! The outer city limits of Jaca start to come in view, after your off-road adventure. It’s here where you end your GLR 24 motorcycle adventure. From Jaca, you have again several options to continue your journey. Look for the connecting GLRs down below!
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GLR 24 Region

The GLR 24 motorcycle adventure route traverses through the northern province of Huesca. Read all about this province down below!


Huesca is a province located in the Aragon region of northern Spain. Almost a quarter of its population lives in its capital. Since the gross of the population lives in the city, the rural areas are kept pristine. Huesca feels wild and like a frontier. Perfect for us as adventure motorcyclists. Huesca’s main attraction is its natural beauty. The province has the tallest mountain of the Pyrenees, the Aneto (3404m). It houses the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and hides many gorges in its landscape. The climate in the region gets dedicated by the Pyrenees, with an alpine climate to the north. Like most northern regions of Spain, the winters can be very cold and summer hot. Of Course, also depending on the altitude. Further to the south, the continental Mediterranean climate gets overhand, which can be very dry. This is also visible by the vegetation with dry brushes and thorny overgrown. The south of Huesca is very dry and can be scoring hot during summer.
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GLR 24 Region Huesca Map Overview

Adventurising isn’t only about getting as fast from A to B! A Region has so much more to offer! That’s why I give you some suggestions about things to do while Adventurising the GLR 24.

Mallos de Riglos

You’ll see this beautiful red rock formation from quite afar! It’ll lure you closer and closer until you’re standing at the base gazing up. Visit the Mallos de Riglos during sunset and you’re treated with a beautiful array of colors!
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Gargantas de Escuaín

Although there are much wider, and deeper canyons in the region, this is one of the lesser-known. The perfect place to cool down on the hotter days, I would say so. Numerous waterfalls and pools provide a lovely place to sit down for a midday break.
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Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

Time to leave your motorcycle behind, because this is a UNESCO National Park. One of its main features is the Odesa Valley. This gate to the Pyrenees is something to behold. I would describe it as the gates to Narnia, especially in spring when the higher Pyrenees still have their white peaks.
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GLR 24 TNTM Overview

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Continue your GLR 24 Adventure by connecting different GLRs. To make your life even simpler, I’ve put together all the options down below!

Connections in Alquezar

You’re at the southern end of the GLR 24 and you’re looking for a route to continue your motorcycle adventure? The GLR 23 will lead you east through the Pre-Pyrenees and lower plains of the Huesca and Lleida provinces of Northern Spain. This 446-kilometer long adventure route traverses for over 257 km of off-road sections. That’s more than 50 percent!

The GLR 25 is no less route to the east. This 659-kilometer long GLR is one of my personal favorites. With 354 km of off-road sections, this is also an adventure worthy route!

GLR 24 Connections Overview Alquezar
GLR 24 Connections Overview Jaca

Connections in Jaca

In Jaca, you also have two connecting routes to choose from. The GLR 21 will lead you further up north to Orbaizeta. This 145-kilometer long route leads you through the narrow canyons and across the Pyrenees. Due to the local environmental laws, this route only sports 10 kilometers of off-road sections.

The second option in Jaca is GLR 22. This route is used most often as a Trans-Pyrenees route to the east. This 327-kilometer long GLR is a beauty in itself, with a great diversity of landscapes. 103 Kilometers of the total 327km will lead over off-road sections.



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