Lalouvesc - Passy 428km
30km off-road April / October

Quick GLR 28 overview

The GLR 28 motorcycle adventure route leads you for over 28 kilometers through the Ardèche, Drôme, Isere, Savoie, andHaute-Savoie Departments of Southern-France. 30 of those kilometers will traverse over off-road sections. If the going gets tough, The Back-up Tracks will support you with 6 different sections. With a total of 4 connecting GLRs to this GLR 28, you’re able to continue to Adventurise the region. Let’s get going!

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GLR 28 Route info

Ready for the last section of the “highway” to the High Alps? The GLR 28 will show you the way! This adventure route departs in Lalouvesc. From here on, you don’t even need to ride 5 kilometers to hit the dirt! The first off-road section is almost 8 km long and shows you the way round in the hilly region of the Northern-Ardèche Department.

Half of the off-road sections are located in this region. Due to environmental laws, the off-road kilometers on this GLR are limited. Nonetheless, I’m proud to say that even though the percentage of dirt is relatively low, this adventure route covers an amazing piece of lower Alpine landscapes!

You continue your journey into the Drôme and Isère Departments. The hills start to rise in the lower mountain ranges covering the region. Twisty roads spiced up with stunning landscapes describe this 250-kilometer long on-road section the best.

As promised, a beautiful 15 km long off-road section right across the High Alps ends this motorcycle adventure route. With the Mont Blanc lurking in the distance, you end your journey in Passy. A town nearby Chamonix. For the connecting GLRs, I advise you to take a look at the connections section.


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GLR 28 Region

With the GLR 28 you’re exploring 5 Departments of South-Eastern France! You’ll adventurise the departments of Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Savoie, and the beautiful Haute-Savoie. Don’t wait and read all about these departments down below!


The Vivarais, as the Ardèche is locally called, is named after the Ardèche river. The department is part of the larger Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The area has been inhabited at least since the Upper Paleolithic and is famous for its cave paintings. The Ardèche department didn’t develop major cities due to the lack of industrialization in the 19th century. The industry moved further upstream to bigger cities such as Lyon. Nowadays this is still a cause of the inaccessibility of the region.  The region doesn’t know any high-speed transportation methods. Ardèche at its widest does not exceed a width of 75 kilometers. Therefore, because of its elongated shape, it knows many natural regions. From the mountains in the west to the plateau of the Coirons in the south-east. One remarkable feature is the Valley of the Rhône, a straight corridor running from the south, up to the north. Creating a funnel-like effect, exaggerating the effects of the cold wind from the north. Also known as the Mistral.  The region is also known for its other weather phenomena such as la Burle, which are very violent winds during autumn and winter. September and October are known for its rainfall.
GLR 28 Small Region Overview
GLR 28 Region Ardèche Map Overview
GLR 28 Region Drôme Map Overview


Like many other departments, Drôme is named after the river which flows through the region. Drôme is also known as the northern gate to the Provence. You notice this by the many medieval castles, natural features, and the climate which gradually transitions. Drôme surrounds an exclave in the south, which belongs to the Vaucluse department.  The department can be split in two regarding its weather features. The north knows a more continental oriented climate. If you progress to the south, the Mediterranean climate gets overhand. Funny is that for us as Adventurisers, that the summers see more precipitation than the winters. This is caused again by the transition between the humid Mediterranean air and the somewhat colder northern winds. But don’t be fooled, the winters aren’t easier to ride! With an average temperature of 3°C in January, the winters are cold!


As part of the original 83 departments formed during the French revolution of 1790, Isère is a department with a rich history. Besides it was forced to give up territory twice during its existence, it’s also known for its stunning landscapes.

The great diversity in altitude makes this region a great place to Adventurise! With its lowest point just 133m above sea level, and its highest at 4102m, you may understand why this department is beloved by many outdoor enthusiasts.

Climate wise, the border between a Mediterranean and Alpine climate lies just below its prefecture Grenoble, at the border of the neighboring department of Drôme. Because of the Alpine climate, I wouldn’t suggest visiting this region after September. I’ve encountered early snowfall myself at the end of the season!

GLR 28 Region Isère Map Overview
GLR 28 Region Savoie Map Overview


Savoie is part of the Rhône-Alpes region of South-Eastern France. Together with its northern neighboring Department Haute-Savoie, it has been part of the historic region of Savoy. This region was annexed by France in 1860. Besides the region’s rich history, which dates back to the prehistoric, it’s also widely known for its numerous ski resorts and mountainous beauty. Despite numerous old military roads, off-road riding is strictly forbidden in almost every commune.


Haute-Savoie shares a rich history with its southern neighbor “Savoie”. Both have been part of the historic region of Savoy. This region was annexed by the French in 1860. The department’s prefecture is Annecy but is known for housing the capital of European mountaineering in Chamonix. As the name may imply, Haute-Savoie has a high average altitude. With its lowest point in the Rhône River Valley at 250m. It’s the highest point is the famous Mont Blanc at 4810 meters. The climate can be described as a land-alpine climate. Summers average a pleasant 25 degrees celsius. Perfect for exploring the region on a motorcycle. I don’t think I need to suggest that winter is off-limits for motorcycles. Snow starts to fall as early as the end of September!

GLR 28 Region Haute-Savoie Map Overview

Adventurising isn’t only about getting as fast from A to B! A Region has so much more to offer! That’s why I give you some suggestions about things to do while Adventurising the GLR 28.

Château de Crussol

There’s not much left of the 12th-century castle, but it gives you the right impression of how adventurous this region was almost a thousand years ago! You’ll see the ruin from quite far, as it’s located right at a 200 meters high cliff. more info

Gorges de la Bourne

Located in the Vercors Massif, this balcony road is listed on the most dangerous roads of France! It’s not because of the immediate danger, but a tumble over the railing is not advisable. This is a nice road to explore if you want to Adventurise the region a little further! more info

Vanoise National Park

Is it time to spend a day off the bike? Take a hike in the Vanoise National Park. Besides its diversity in wildlife like the Alpine Ibex and Eurasian Lynx, the park knows many vistas of the highest region of Europe!
more info

Lake Annecy

Fed by mountain springs, Lake Annecy is known for its clean water. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to take a sip, I would suggest taking a quick dip to cool off during those hot summer days. Note that many people do this as well, so it can be busy!
more info

Mont Blanc

The white mountain is lurking from a distance while you Adventurise the region. This 4810m high mountain is the second-highest peak on the European continent. Enjoy the many outdoor-related activities in the surrounding area on your day off the bike!
more info

GLR 28 TNTM Overview

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Continue your GLR 28 Adventure by connecting different GLRs. To make your life even simpler, I’ve put together all the options down below!

Connections in Lalouvesc

In Lalouvesc, you have either the opportunity to connect with the GLR 26 to continue your motorcycle adventure to the west. As part of the “Highway” to and from the High Alps, this 356-kilometer long route traverses for almost a third of the entire route over off-road sections.

If you want to continue to explore the French Department of Ardèche, choose the GLR 27. This 195 km long adventure route explores the entire Department from north to south.

GLR 28 Connections Lalouvesc Overview
GLR 28 Connections Passy Overview

Connections in Passy

You’re a few kilometers away from the mountaineering capital of Europe called Chamonix. In the neighboring village of Passy, you have the option to continue your adventure on two different GLRs.  Choose the GLR 29 if you want to make your way into Italy via one of the most beautiful routes the GLR Network has to offer. This 303-kilometer long personal favorite route counts almost 100 km of high altitude off-road sections.
Or you choose to continue your motorcycle adventure into Switzerland. This on-road GLR 33 explores the natural beauty of the High Alps via the best mountain passes in the region. This 250-kilometer long route is the perfect alternative to continue your journey east.


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